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2022-09-17 03:48
本文摘要:旅游留学等走出国门时会经常用到的英语100句。1. 我想预定一张去纽约的机票。 I want to book a seat to New York.2. 我要一张往返票。I want a round trip ticket.3. 我想取消我预定的去伦敦的航班。I'd like to cancel my reservation to London.4. 我刚刚错过了航班,需要重新确定航班时间。


旅游留学等走出国门时会经常用到的英语100句。1. 我想预定一张去纽约的机票。

I want to book a seat to New York.2. 我要一张往返票。I want a round trip ticket.3. 我想取消我预定的去伦敦的航班。I'd like to cancel my reservation to London.4. 我刚刚错过了航班,需要重新确定航班时间。I just missed my flight, I need to reschedule it.5. 另有座位吗? Are there seats still available?6. 我要把所有要申报的工具都填上吗? Do I have to write down all the things I have to declare?7. 我有件行李要托运。

I have a piece of baggage to check.8. 我想要靠窗的座位。I’d like a window seat. 9. 我应该去哪个登机口? Which boarding gate should I go to?10. 您介意和我换位置吗? Do you mind exchanging seat with me?11. 我以为恶心。

I feel sick.12. 我现在可以使用卫生间了吗? Can I use the toilet now?13. 可以拿条毯子给我吗? Could I have a blanket?14. 请问,在哪儿取行李? Excuse me, where can I get my luggage?15. 我找不着行李了。I can't find my baggage.16. 找到后请马上把我的行李送到饭馆。Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you have located it.17. 我能用这辆行李车吗? Can I use this baggage cart?18. 我的行李似乎损坏了。My luggage seems to be damaged. 19. 你们要为我的行李卖力。

You need to take responsibility for my luggage.20. 到这个地方,我坐这辆公交车对吗? Am I on the right bus for this location?21. 到站了请叫我一声好吗? Could you tell me where to get off?22. 我们到那,还要坐几站? How many more stops before we get there?23. 请问这四周有地铁吗? Is there any subway nearby?24. 送我去机场。Take me to the airport.25. 你可不行以帮我把行李放到行李箱里?Could you help me put the luggage in the trunk?26. 请到这个地址。Take me to this address please.27. 再快一点行吗? Can you speed up a bit more?28. 我要在这下车。

I'll get off here.29. 你能告诉我怎样管理通关手续吗? Can you tell me how to go through customs?30. 我已经填完所有的通关表格了。I filled out all the customs forms.31. 这是我的报关单。I have my declaration form here.32. 我没什么可申报的。

I have nothing to declare.33. 我能把这个带入境吗? Can I bring this into this country?34. 我想预订一个单人间。I’d like to book a single room with private bath.35. 另有空房吗? Do you have any vacant rooms?36. 我想管理入住挂号。I’d like to check in, please.37. 你能给我先容一下房间的设施吗Can you introduce the room’s facilities to me?38. 请在7点叫我起床。

I’d like a wakeup call at 7 o’clock.39. 请收拾一下浴室好吗? Could you tidy up the bathroom?40. 我们想订明天的早餐。We’d like to order breakfast for tomorrow.41. 我想打国际远程到中国。I’d like to make an overseas call to china.42. 你们提供洗衣服务吗? Do you offer laundry service?43. 餐厅在哪儿? Where is the dining room? 44. 我可以把珍贵物品存这儿吗? Can you keep my valuables? 45. 我能再要一把房间钥匙吗? Could I possibly have another room key?46. 我把钥匙忘在房间里了。

I locked myself out.47. 我房间的电视不能看。The TV doesn't work in my room.48. 现在可以结账吗? Can I settle my bill now?49. 能给我账单明细表吗? Can you give me an item of my bill?50. 你们这里能用信用卡支付吗? Do you take credit card?51. 你能说的慢一点吗? Can you slow down, please?52. 我说欠好英语。I can’t speak English very well.53. 你适才说什么? What did you say?54. 我不知道这个用英语怎么说。

I don’t know how to say it in English.55. 我请你再说一遍好吗? I beg your pardon?56. 你能帮我一下吗?我迷路了。Can you help me? I’m lost.57. 这条路通向哪? Where does this road lead?58. 请指出我在舆图上的位置。

Please point out where I am on the map.59. 我以为不舒服。I don’t feel well.60. 我以为冷,而且发抖。I’m cold and shivery. 61. 我感应极想吐逆,又想拉肚子。

I feel like vomiting and having diarrhea.62. 我吃的药不管用。The medicine I took isn’t helping.63. 您能告诉我这药怎么服用吗? Could you tell me how to take this medicine?64. 我的脚踝扭伤了。

My ankle is twisted.65. 我的护照丢了。My passport is missing.66. 我哪也找不到。I can’t find it anywhere.67. 我的包被偷了。

I had my bag stolen.68. 救命啊! (无论什么样的紧迫情况下都可以用。) Help!69. 这里有公共茅厕吗? Is there a public rest room here?70. 女装在那里? Where is ladies wear?71. 我在哪可以找到童装? Where can I find children’s clothes?72. 请问这里有电梯吗? Is there a lift here, please?73. 我只是看看。I’m just looking around.74. 打扰了,我想买一条领带。

Excuse me, I’d like a tie.75. 几多钱? How much is it?76. 这些商品另有吗? Do you have any more of these goods?77. 这一件有尺寸大一点的吗? Do you have this on larger size?78. 有没有自制一点的? Do you have anything less expensive?79. 我想试试这一件。I want to try this on.81. 我还得再看看别家的。

I’ll have to keep looking for what I want. 81. 对我来讲太小了。That’s too small for me.82. 我买了。I’ll take it.83. 总共几多钱? How much is it all together?84. 我没有零钱。

I don’t have small change.85. 我想把人民币换成美元。I’d like to exchange RMB for US dollars.86. 我想换1050人民币的欧元。I’d like to exchange 1050 RMB for Euros.87. 能给我些零钱吗? Can I please have some change? 88. 请给我菜单。Could I have a menu, please?89. 有什么菜可以推荐的吗? What do you recommend?90. 我想要和谁人一样的。

Can I have the same as that?91. 我要这个和这个。I'll take this and this.92. 您这儿有什么地方风味吗? Do you have any local specialties?93. 烤熟点。

Well-done, please.94. 够了/就要这些。That's all for me.95. 我点的菜还没上。My order hasn't come yet.96. 请结账。

Bill, please.97. 在哪儿付钱? Where should I pay?98. 我们能进到内里吗? Can we go in?99. 这儿可以照相吗? May I take a picture here?100. 您能给我们照张相吗? Would you take a picture for us?。