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初中课标词汇1600,集成高考高频焦点词汇1000词(带★),共1700个单词。例句取自《朗文高阶英语词典》。ability ★n 能力 I don't have the ability to say 'no'.able ★a 能 I've always wanted to be able to speak Japanese.about ★prep & ad. 约莫,关于 He lied about his age.above ★prep 上方,以上 Our office is above the hairdresser's.abroad ★a & ad 外国 She often goes abroad on business.absent a 缺席 Local women were conspicuously absent from the meeting.accent n 口音;腔调 Use make-up to accent your cheekbones and eyes.accept ★v 接受;负担;同意 Rick accepted her offer of coffee.accident ★n 意外事件, 事故 My third baby was an accident.according ★ 凭据 You will be paid according to the amount of work you do.ache n 疼 I'm feeling tired and achy.achieve ★v 完成;实现 Wilson has achieved considerable success as an artist.across ★prep 穿越 We'll have to swim across.act ★n & v 演出 Stop acting like a baby.action ★n 行动 He had seen action in Korea.active ★a 努力的 My father always led a very active life.activity ★n 运动 Everyone is free to engage in peaceful political activity.actually ★ 实际上 What time are you actually leaving?add ★v 增加 These figures don't add up.address n 地址 I can't find my address book.admit ★vt. 认可,准许(入场,入学,入会) Admit it! I'm right, aren't I?advantage ★n 优点 Her dress showed her tanned skin to great advantage.advertisement n 广告 The Sunday papers are full of advertisements for cars.advice ★n 建议 Take my advice and study something practical.advise ★v 建议 She needed someone to advise her.afford ★v 提供;担负得起 Dad can't afford any more time off work.afraid ★a 怕,畏惧 Don't be afraid to ask for help.after ★ad , prep & conj 在……以后 Go after him and apologize.afternoon ★n 下午 See you tomorrow afternoon.again ★ad 又;再 Once again, Drew was under arrest.against ★prep 阻挡 There ought to be a law against it.age ★n 年事;年龄 Cheddar cheese ages well.ago ★ad 以前 They moved to a new house some time ago.agree ★v 同意 We agreed a new four-year contract.agreement n 同意 Haydon came to an agreement with his creditors.ahead ★ad. 在前,向前 Henry hurried on ahead.air ★n 空气 Flames leapt into the air.airline 航线 A takeover bid for the airline was launched today.airplane n 飞机 An airplane droned overhead.airport ★n 飞机场 Her family went to see her off at the airport.alive a 活的;生动的 My grandparents are still alive.all ★a & pron 全部;所有 The game ended one-all.allow ★v 允许 The judge allowed the evidence.almost ★ad 险些;差不多 It was almost midnight.alone ★a 单独;独自 Julie alone knew the truth.along ★ad & prep 沿着 Why don't you take your guitar along?aloud ad 高声地 She could have laughed aloud.already ★ad 已经 You already told me that.also ★ad 也 Information is also available on women's health care.although ★conj 虽然 No, this is my responsibility, although I appreciate your offer.always ★ad 总是 He hadn't always been a butler.America ★n 美国;美洲 He moved to America to start afresh.American ★a & n 美国的;美洲的 Her mother is American.among ★prep 在……中间(之中) Jim relaxed, knowing he was among friends.amount ★n. 数量 Her academic achievements don't amount to much.ancient a 古代的;古老的 It's all ancient history and I'm not upset any more.and ★conj 和 Six and four is ten.angry ★a 生气 He was beginning to get angry.animal ★n 动物 He is simply not a social animal.another ★a & pron 另; 另一 Not another word was spoken.answer ★n & v 回覆 Don't answer me back young man!ant n 蚂蚁 The floor was crawling with ants.any ★pron & a 任何 Have you got any money?anybody pron 任何人;有人 I wouldn't count him out. If anybody can make a comeback, he can.anyone ★pron 任何人;无论谁 Does anyone want a drink?anything ★pron 任何事;物某事 You can buy anything you want.anyway ad 不管怎样;无论如何 Anyway, I must be going now.anywhere ad 无论何地;任何地方;无论那边;在任何地方 I can't find my passport anywhere.appear ★v 泛起 He tried hard to appear calm.apple n 苹果 Ben was always the apple of his father's eye.April n 四月 Jim's birthday's April 6.area ★n 地域 Their apartment has a large kitchen area.arm n 手 He had a tattoo on his left arm.army n 军队;陆军 He joined the army when he was 17.around ★prep & ad 围绕;绕过 Is there a bank around here?arrive ★v 到达;到达 The card arrived on my birthday.art ★n 艺术;技术 Writing advertisements is quite an art.article ★n 文章;冠词 Article 1 of the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.as ★ad, conj & prep 当;像 Roberta was late as usual.Asia n 亚洲;亚洲人 The rich provinces of Asia Minor were plundered by the invaders.Asian a & n 亚洲人;亚洲的 Jan's been assigned to the Asian Affairs Bureau.ask ★v 问;要求;请求 I asked him where he lived.asleep a 睡熟的;睡着的 Grandad fell asleep watching TV.at ★prep 在;对 I'm surprised at you!Atlantic n & a 大西洋;大西洋的 She spoke in a soft mid Atlantic accent.attend ★v. 看护,照料,服侍;出席,到场 Please let us know if you are unable to attend.attention ★n 注意;眷注;体贴 My attention wasn't really on the game.attitude ★n. 态度,看法 Pete's attitude towards women really scares me.attract ★v. 吸引,引起 I'm not usually attracted to blondes.August n 八月 My birthday's in August.aunt n 伯母;姑妈;姑母;舅妈;姨母 My aunt Flo was a bold determined woman.Australia n 澳大利亚 Is Australia really a classless society?Australian a & n 澳大利亚人;澳大利亚的 Whaling in Australia was stopped. But the Australian government went further and proposed a global ban.author ★n. 作者,作家 It's clear that the author is a woman.autumn n 秋天 By late autumn Mediterranean islands have cooled off, and can have rainy days.available ★a 可获得的;可使用的 Rooms are offered subject to availability.avoid ★n 制止;撤消 Alan narrowly avoided an accident.awake v 叫醒;清醒的 It was midday when she awoke.away ★ad 离;脱离 The music died away.baby ★n 婴儿;年事最小的人 The baby is crying.back ★ad & n 回 Make sure you back up.background n 配景;基础 Steve has a background in computer engineering.bad ★( worse, worst) a 坏的;欠好 I need that money bad.bag ★n 包;袋子 We bagged a rabbit.ball n 球 Ray balled up his fists.balloon n 气球;飞船 Paul ballooned after he got married.bamboo n 竹;竹子;竹杆 He made her a toy horse, using just some straw and bamboo twigs.banana n 香蕉 This government has an unhappy knack of slipping on banana skins.bank ★n 银行;堤岸 Did you bank that check?base ★n. 凭据地,基地;(棒球)垒 There is a door at the base of the tower.baseball n 棒球;棒球运动 Put a baseball in his hand and he's in heaven.basic ★a 基本的;基础的 Their knowledge is very basic.basket n 篮子;篓 Dan tore the page out, crumpled it, and threw it in the wastepaper basket.basketball n 篮球;篮球运动 He changed channels to watch the basketball game.bathroom n 洗澡间;洗手间 I really need to go to the bathroom.be ★(is, am, are, was, were, being, been) aux v 是 Jane's upstairs.beach n 海滩;海滨 You can relax on the beach or alternatively try the bustling town centre.bear v. 蒙受,肩负,负担;忍受;容忍 n.熊 She bore him three sons.beat ★v & n 打;挫败;打败 Brazil were beaten, 2-1.beautiful ★a 漂亮的;绝妙的;漂亮的 The weather was beautiful.because ★conj 因为;由于 We spent three hours waiting in the rain because of you!become ★(became, become) v 成为;酿成;酿成 The weather became warmer.bed ★n 床;床位 You should go to bed early.bedroom n 寝室;卧室 They've just bought a new four-bedroomed house in Edinburgh.bee n 蜜峰 Dad's got a bee in his bonnet about saving electricity.beef n 牛肉 OK, so what's the beef this time?before ★prep, ad & conj 以前;在……以前 Larry arrived home before me.begin ★(began, begun) v 开始;开端;建立 Psychosis' begins with a P.behaviour n 行为;举止 Can TV violence cause aggressive behavior?behind ★prep 在……后;落伍于 The car behind was hooting impatiently.believe ★v 相信;信任 I don't believe he's only 25.bell n 铃;铃声 She walked up the path and rang the door bell.below ★prep 在……下;之下 Somewhere far below, a door slammed.benefit ★ 让…受益,对...有益,有益于 You might be entitled to housing benefit.beside prep 在……旁边;在 The children seemed tiny beside him.besides ★prep & ad 此外;除……外 People choose jobs for other reasons besides money.between ★prep 在……(两者)之间;当中 You shouldn't eat between meals.beyond ★prep 凌驾……;超出(过) The ban has been extended beyond 2003.big ★a 大;庞大的 I need a bigger desk.bike 我的 They'll be coming by bike.bill ★n 帐单;报单 Could we have the bill, please?bird ★n 鸟;禽 A little bird told me that you've got engaged.birth n 出生;降生 Henry has been blind from birth.birthday n 生日;诞辰 The City of Cleveland Orchestra is celebrating its 200th birthday.biscuit n 饼干;软饼 I've heard some excuses, but this really takes the biscuit!bit n 一点;少量 I walked on a bit.bite ★v. 咬;叮 Can I have a bite of your apple?bitter a 苦的;痛苦的 A pint of bitter, please.black ★a & n 玄色;黑暗的 You look good wearing black.blackboard n 黑板 The teacher repeated the word, and then wrote it up on the blackboard.blind a 瞎的;盲目; He was slowly going blind.blood n 血液;血统 Beth sweated blood over that article.blow (blew, blown) v 吹;吹气 My ticket blew away.blue ★n. 蓝色 a.色的 a.伤心的;沮丧的 She nearly always dresses in blue.board n 板 Loyalty has gone by the board.boat n 船;小船 We're taking the night boat to St. Malo.body ★n 身体;主体 Nick had bruises on his face and body.book ★n 书 Several tourists were booking in.boring a 讨厌的 Her husband is about the most boring person I've ever met.born ★a 出生;天生的 He was born to be a politician.borrow v 借;借入 English has borrowed words from many languages.boss ★n 老板;领班;上司 You've got to show the kids who's boss.both ★pron & a 二者;两者都 You can both swim, can't you?bottle n 瓶子 The bill has been bottled up in Congress.bottom n 底;底部 I never got to the bottom of this!bowl n 碗 He was bowled over by her beauty.box ★n 盒子;箱 Help me box up the Christmas tree lights.boy ★n 男孩 I'm just a country boy.brain ★n 脑;脑力;脑髓 The job requires brains.brave a 勇敢的 Today we remember the brave who died in the last war.bread n 面包 Could you cut me a slice of bread please?break ★(broke, broken) v & n 中断;休息 He broke down and cried.breakfast n 早餐;早饭 We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.breath n 呼吸;气息 Let your breath out slowly.breathe v 呼吸;发出 Jim breathed out deeply.bridge n 桥;桥梁 The training programme is seen as a bridge between school and work.bright ★a 智慧的;伶俐的 The sun shone brightly.bring ★(brought, brought) v 带来;拿来 Bring the sauce to the boil.brother ★n 兄弟;同胞 I have two brothers, William and Mark.brown n & a 褐色;棕色;褐色的;棕色的 He'd been on vacation and looked very brown.brush v & n 刷;刷子;毛笔 He was brushing the pony down.build ★(built, built) v 制作;组成 The church was built of brick.building ★n 修建物;大楼 There is a limited supply of land for building.burn (-ed, ed/burnt, burnt) v 燃烧 I burn quite easily.bus ★n 公共汽车 Hurry up or we'll miss the bus!business ★n 生意;事务 Come on, then, and do the business.busy ★a 忙的;忙碌的 I keep getting a busy signal.but ★conj 可是;除外 I could not but admire her.butter n 黄油;奶油 Don't think you can butter me up that easily.butterfly n 蝴蝶 I always get butterflies before an exam.buy ★(bought, bought) v 买;购置 Where did you buy that dress?by ★prep 通过……;被…… Send it by airmail.bye interj 再见 Bye, Dave.cabbage n 洋白菜 I'm not keen on cabbage.cake n 饼;蛋糕 Do you want some birthday cake?call ★v & n 呼叫;打电话 I'll call you soon.camel n 骆驼 Eric was sporting a new camel-hair coat.camera n 照相机 The crime was caught on camera by police.camp n & v 野营;营房 Donny is stationed at Camp Pendleton.can ★modal v 能;会 You can swim, can't you?Canada ★n 加拿大 A young man from Canada had attached himself to Sam.cancel v 取消;撤消 I phoned the bank to cancel the cheque.cancer n 癌症;癌 He died of cancer last month.candle n 蜡烛 No other singer can hold a candle to her.candy n 糖果 Most video games are just brain candy.cap n 帽子 He's been capped three times for England.capital n 首都;大写字母 The government is eager to attract foreign capital.captain n 船长;队长 The Captain and crew welcome you aboard.car ★n 小汽车;车 I've left my bag in the car.card ★n 卡片 I'm no good at cards.care ★v & n 体贴;注意 We'll take care of the fees.careful ★a 小心的;细致的;仔细的 Mara was careful about what she ate.careless a 粗心的;粗心大意 Careless talk can be disastrous for a business.carry ★v 携带;搬 The ship was carrying drugs.case ★n. 情况;病例;案件;真相 n.箱;盒;容器 OK, OK, just get off my case!cat n 猫 I really thought I looked the cat's whiskers in that dress.catch ★(caught, caught) v 抓住;捕捉 Did you catch any fish?cause ★n & v 使;引起 What caused you to change your mind?CD n. 光盘(compact disk的缩写) I think their new CD is going to be a biggie.CD-ROM n. 信息储存光盘(compact disk readonly memory的缩写) The new kit includes a CD-ROM and DAT drive.ceiling n 天花板;顶逢 The government imposed a ceiling on imports of foreign cars.celebrate v 庆祝;表彰 My folks are celebrating their 50th anniversary.cent n 分;百分之一 16 per cent of all new cars sold in Western Europe these days are diesel-engined.centre n 中心 It's not exactly a cultural center like Paris.century ★n 世纪;百年 The church was built in the 13th century.certain ★a 肯定的;某一个 It's not certain where he lived.certainly ★ad. 固然,是的;一定,无疑 The girl was almost certainly murdered.chair ★n 椅子 He sank back into his chair.chairman n. 主席,会长;议长 Williams has been chairman of the board for five years.chalk n 粉笔 You can chalk the drinks up to my account.challenge ★n. 挑战(性) I'm really at my best when I'm challenged.chance ★n 时机;机缘 Are you Mrs Grant, by any chance?change ★v 改变;变化 Can you change the baby?chant n & v 歌颂;圣歌 Others in the crowd took up the chant.charge ★v. 要求收费;索价;将(电池)充电 n.用度;价钱 The shaver can be charged up.cheap ★a 自制的 She's too cheap to take a cab.cheat v 欺骗;利用 She claimed that I cheated at chess.check ★n & v 检查;核对 We checked out at noon.cheer n & v 欢呼;喝彩 The spectators cheered him wildly.cheese n 奶酪;干酪 Sprinkle with the grated cheese.chemistry n 化学 It's obvious that there's a very real chemistry between them.chess n 象棋;国际象棋 They meet fairly often to play chess.chest n 胸 He collapsed with severe chest pains.chicken n 小鸡;鸡肉 Dave's too chicken to ask her out.child ★(pl. children) n 孩子;儿童 Alex is an only child.China ★n 中国 I'll get my best china out.Chinese ★a & n 中国人;汉语 Do you fancy going out for a Chinese?chocolate n 巧克力 Two coffees and one chocolate, please.choice ★n 选择 You have left me with no choice.choose ★(chose, chosen) v 选择 Why did you choose me for the job?chopsticks n 筷子Christmas ★n 圣诞节 Are you going home for Christmas?church n 教堂 We didn't see you at church this morning.cinema n 影戏院 We decided to go to the cinema.circle n & v 圈;环 Cut the pastry into circles.city ★n 都会 The city is working to improve public transportation.clap v & n 拍手;拍手 One man began to clap, and others joined in.class ★n 班;班级;同学们 Dance classes start at 5:15.classmate ★n 同班同学 Pupils should be given time to discuss the book with their classmates.classroom ★n 课堂 The classroom was in a constant state of anarchy.clean ★a & v 洁净的;擦洁净 Is it easy to clean?clear ★a 明确的;明确的 Diane clears £20,000 a year.clever a 智慧的;机敏的 Bill's very clever with his hands.climb ★v 爬;攀缘 She loves to hike and climb.clock ★n 时钟 What time do you clock off?clone 克隆 She's an exact clone of her sister!close ★v & a 关;密切 We must all stay close.clothes ★n 衣服;服装 What sort of clothes was he wearing?cloud n 云 Then suspicion clouded his face.cloudy a 多云的 Tomorrow, it will be cloudy and cool.club ★n 俱乐部;木棍 You have to play a club.coach n 领导;车厢 We flew coach out to Atlanta.coal n 煤 Red hot coals glowed in the grate.coast n 海岸;海滨 We drove along the Pacific coast to Seattle.coat n 上衣;大衣 A layer of snow coated the trees.coffee ★n 咖啡;咖啡色 Do you want a cup of coffee?coin n 硬币 The word 'aromatherapy' was coined in the 1920s.coke n 可乐;焦炭 A coke and a tomato juice, please.cold ★a & n 严寒的 My tea's gone cold.collect ★v 收集;征收 Rain collected in pools on the road.college ★n 学院;大学 We were great friends when we were at college.colour (Am color) n & v 颜色;着色 What colour dress did you buy?come ★(came, come) v 来 The rope came loose.comfortable ★a 慰藉的;舒服的 Linen is very comfortable to wear.common ★a 普通;公用的 The two games have much in common.communicate ★v 通信;流传;通话 A baby communicates its needs by crying.communication ★n 通信;流传;通话 Radio was the pilot's only means of communication.company ★n 公司 Which company do you work for?compare ★v 比力;对照 How does life in Britain compare with life in the States?competition n 竞争;角逐 Competition for the job was intense.complete ★a & v 完成;竣事 This is a complete waste of time.composition n 作文;作曲 I had to write a composition about the Royal visit.computer ★n 盘算机 A message flashed up on my computer screen.concern ★ 使...担忧;使...不安;涉及,关系到;影响到. n.体贴 He was moved by her obvious concern.concert n 音乐会;演奏会 We were going to a concert in Bath Abbey.condition ★n 条件;情况 She has a serious heart condition.conference n 集会;谈判 The meeting will be held in the conference room at 10 am.connect ★v 毗连;联合 Has the phone been connected yet?consider ★v 认为;思量 I seriously considered resigning.continue ★v 继续;一连 The flood of refugees continued unabated.control ★v 控制;利用 Newman controlled himself with an effort.conversation ★n 谈话;会话 They were deep in conversation, relaxed and smiling.cook ★v & n 烹饪;伙食员;煮 I promised I'd cook for them.cooker n 厨具;炊具;炉灶 The timer on the cooker started to bleep.cool a 凉爽的;渗淡的 Keep a cool head.copy ★n & v 拷贝;誊录 The hardback costs £16.99 a copy.corner n 角;角落 The petrol station is around the corner.correct ★v & a 纠正;纠正 Correct my pronunciation if it's wrong.cost ★v & n 泯灭;成本 We must avoid a scandal at all costs.cotton n & a 棉花 It took me a while to cotton on.cough n & v 咳嗽 Stuart gave an embarrassed cough.could modal v 能;可以 I could do with a hot drink.count v 盘算;计数 It's quicker to count by tens.country ★n 国家;地域 I've always wanted to live in the country.countryside n 农村;乡下 The house had lovely views over open countryside.couple ★n 一对;两三个 I just need to make a couple more calls.courage n 勇气;胆子 Sue showed great courage throughout her illness.course ★n 历程;门路 Well of course I love you.cousin n 表兄弟;堂姐妹 His avant-garde music, sometime cousin to jazz, had limited appeal.cover ★n & v 复盖;完成;笼罩 Three soldiers broke cover.cow n 母牛;奶牛 The protesters had been cowed into submission by the police.crayon n 蜡笔;蜡笔画 Give the kids some crayons - that will keep them quiet for a while.crazy a 不宁静的;发狂的 Dan's crazy about football.create ★v 建设;制作 Philip Glass created a new kind of music.cross ★v & n 穿过;横越;十字路口 Pauline wore a tiny gold cross.crowd ★n. 人群 vt.拥挤,群聚 Holiday-makers crowded the beaches.cruel a 悲凉的;残暴的 She was often cruel to her sister.cry n & v 哭声;啼声;哭;叫 I just couldn't stop crying.culture ★n 文化;修养 It takes two to three weeks to grow the culture.cup n 杯子 Will you stay for a cup of tea?customer ★n. (商店等的)主顾,主顾 We've had several letters from satisfied customers.cut ★(cut, cut) v & n 切割;切口 The gas had been cut off.dad (daddy) n 爸爸;爹爹 She lives with her mom and dad.daily ★a, ad & n 逐日的;日常的;逐日 The zoo is open daily.damage ★n.&vt. 破坏,损害 The ship sustained only minor damage.dance ★v & n 跳舞;舞蹈 Let's have another dance.danger ★n 危险;威胁 I don't want to put you in danger.dangerous ★a 危险的;有危险的 Some of these prisoners are extremely dangerous.dare v & aux v 敢;敢于 Dare we admit this?dark ★a & n 黑暗的;黑暗 Suddenly, the room went dark.date ★n 日期 Is he still dating Sarah?daughter ★n 女儿 She's got two daughters and one son.day ★n 日子;天;白昼 It's been a long day.dead a 死;死的 He was dead good-looking.deaf a 聋的;耳聋 Tom was born profoundly deaf.deal ★v 处置惩罚;处置 It's your deal, Alison.dear ★a 亲爱的;敬爱的 Can I help you, dear?death ★n 死亡;扑灭 His friend was close to death.December n 十二月 Her letter arrived December 6.decide ★v 决议;刻意 Has anything been decided yet?decision ★n 决议;决议;刻意 What were the reasons behind your decision?deep ★a & ad 深的;深切的 Her laugh was deep and loud.degree n 度;水平 Then the cylinder is rotated 180 degrees.delicious a 鲜味的;适口的 The meal was absolutely delicious,' she said politely.dentist n 牙医;牙科医生 I'm going to the dentist this afternoon.depend ★v 依赖;取决于 We depend entirely on donations from the public.describe ★v 形貌;描绘 It's difficult to describe how I feel.design ★n.&vt. 设计,筹谋 图案,图样,样式 The course is designed for beginners.desk ★n 书桌;办公桌 Marie was sitting at her desk.determine ★vt. 决议;刻意 Experts have determined that the signature was forged.develop ★v 生长;开发 Trouble is developing in the cities.development ★n 生长;希望 We will keep you informed of developments.dialogue (Am dialog) n 对话 There is a need for constructive dialogue between leaders.diary n 日记;日记簿 Did you put the meeting date in your diary?dictionary n 辞典;词典 A dictionary lists the words, a grammar states the rules.die ★v 死 Our love will never die.difference ★n 差别;差异 We've had our differences in the past.different ★a 差别的;差异的 It's a different world here in London.difficult ★a 难题的;艰辛的 Was the exam very difficult?difficulty ★n 难题;难事 He got to his feet with difficulty.dig (dug, dug) v 挖;采掘 Go on - dig in!dinner ★n 正餐;晚餐 What time do you usually have dinner?direct ★a & v 直接的;笔直的 The play was directed by Frank Hauser.direction ★n 指导;方面 The evidence all points in this direction.director n 指导者;导演 The company is run by a board of directors.dirty a 肮脏的;下流的 You're a dirty liar!disappoint ★vt. 使失望 Great things were expected of this band, and they didn't disappoint.discover ★v 发现;袒露 At fourteen, Louise discovered boys.discovery n 发现;被发现的事物 The Hubble Telescope has allowed astronomers to make significant discoveries about our galaxy.discuss ★v 讨论;辩说 Littman refused to discuss the case publicly.discussion ★n 讨论;辩说 The project is under discussion as a possible joint venture.disease ★n 疾病;变质 She suffers from a rare disease of the brain.dish n 碟子;菜 I'll just do the dishes before we go.dismiss v 开除;辞退 Bryant was unfairly dismissed from his post.disturb v 扰乱;打乱 I promise not to disturb anything.divide v 支解;划分;除 If you divide 21 by 3, you get 7.do ★(did, done) v 做;干 Where do you live?doctor ★n 医生;博士 She was treated by her local doctor.dog ★n 狗;犬科动物 Boy, my dogs really hurt.doll n 玩具娃娃 The girls were all dolled up for a party.dollar n 美元 The pound has risen against the dollar.door ★n 门;户 Can you answer the door?double a & n 两倍的;成双的;加倍 A double costs $95 a night.doubt ★n & v 疑心;疑心;怀疑 I doubt we'll ever see him again.down ★ad & prep 向下;下方 Turn the radio down.downstairs ad 在楼下;到楼下 Rosie ran downstairs to answer the door.dozen n 一打 She's had dozens of boyfriends.draw ★(drew, drawn) v 画;引出 Winter is drawing on.drawer n 抽屉;发票人 The scissors are in the kitchen drawer.dream ★(-ed, -ed/dreamt, dreamt) v & n 梦见;梦想 Her dream is to make a movie.dress ★n & v 衣服;连衣裙;服装 We usually dress for dinner.drink ★(drank, drunk) v & n 喝;饮料 Have another drink.drive ★(drove, driven) v 驾驶;驱动 I'll drive you home.driver ★n 驾驶员;驱动器 Do you think you're a good driver?drop ★n & v 跌落;降低 I'll drop you off on my way home.drug ★n 药;药物 I don't drink, and I don't do drugs.drum n 鼓;鼓声 Jones played the drums in an all-girl band.dry v & a 变干;干的 You wash and I'll dry.duck n 雌鸭 She took to dancing like a duck to water.dumpling n 饺子 apple dumplingsduring ★prep 在……期间 My father was killed during the war.duty ★n 责任;义务;职责 I promise I will do my duty.DVD n. 数码影碟(digital versatile disk) The film is now out on video and DVD.each ★a & pron 每;每一个 The tickets cost £20 each.ear n 耳朵 Lou whispered something in his ear.early ★a & ad 早;早期 Early signs are encouraging.earn ★vt. 挣得,赚得 He earns nearly £20,000 a year.earth ★n 地球 It must have cost the earth!east n, a & ad 东方;东部 He was born in East Jerusalem.easy ★a 容易的;轻松的 She had a nice easy day at home.eat ★(ate, eaten) v 吃 Do you eat out a lot?edge n 界限;边缘 He edged her towards the door.education ★n 教育 Having Jimmy to stay has been quite an education!effect ★n. 效果;作用 Turner's paintings give an effect of light.effort ★n 努力;结果;努力 Not a bad effort for a beginner!egg n 蛋 Beat in two of the egg yolks.eight ★num 八 They woke at eight.eighteen num 十八 At least eighteen bullets were fired.eighth num 第八 I'm planning to leave on the eighth.eighty num 八十 Hilda Simpson was a woman in her early eighties.either ★a , conj & ad 也;既;或者是; You add either one or two cloves of garlic.elder a 年事较大的;尊长 His elder son Liam became a lawyer.electric a 电力的;电动的 The atmosphere in the courtroom was electric.elephant n 大象 The elephant population is dwindling.eleven num 十一 She was sent to jail for eleven months.else ★a 另外;其它 Hand over the money, or else!e-mail n & v 电子邮件 Writing e-mail is a very different animal from all other forms of writing.empty a 空的;空洞的 The hall was half-empty.encourage ★v 勉励;促进 Violent TV programmes encourage anti-social behaviour.end ★n & v 末了;竣事 World War II ended in 1945.enemy n 敌人 Boredom is the enemy of learning.energy ★n 能源;能力 Boy, where do those kids get their energy?engineer n 工程师 Perhaps she could engineer a meeting between them?England n 英国;英格兰 We arrived in England on a cold wet Sunday in 1963.English ★n & a 英语;英国的;英国人的 She decided to major in English.enjoy ★v 享受……的兴趣 I enjoyed every minute of it.enough ★a & ad 足够的;充实 Are the carrots cooked enough?enter ★v 进入;输入 Both the boys entered the army.environment ★n 情况;外界 Some of these chemicals are very damaging to the environment.eraser n 橡皮擦especially ★ad 尤其;格外 He didn't especially want to learn to dance.Europe n 欧洲 16 per cent of all new cars sold in Western Europe these days are diesel-engined.European a & n 欧洲人;欧洲人的 She had acquired a taste for European beer.even ★ad 甚至;纵然是 I'll get even with him one day.evening ★n 晚上;晚间 Peter left yesterday evening.event ★n. 事件,大事 The next event will be the 100 metres.ever ★ad 曾经;任何时候 As ever, Joe was late.every ★a 所有的;每 The kids ran off every which way.everybody pron 每小我私家;大家 You can always hear her voice above everybody else's.everyday a 天天;日常 Describe it in ordinary everyday language.everyone ★pron 每小我私家;人人 If everyone is ready, I'll begin.everything ★pron 每件事;一切 Everything's fine at the moment.everywhere ad 随处;到处 I've looked everywhere but I can't find the map.exam ★ 考试 How did you do in your exams?examine v 检查;观察 A team of divers was sent down to examine the wreck.example ★n 例子;模范 Her courage is an example to us all.excellent ★a 极好的;精彩的 His car is in excellent condition.except ★prep 除……之外;除非 She had nothing to do except spend money.excite ★v 使激动;激动 The court case has excited a lot of public interest.excuse ★n & v 原谅;捏词;辩解 I need an excuse to call her.exercise ★v & n 训练;演习 Half the unit was away on exercise.exist ★vi. 存在 Tom acts as if I don't exist at times.expect ★v 期待;等候 Snow is expected by the weekend.expensive ★a 昂贵的;高价的 Her husband had expensive tastes.experience ★n 履历;履历 Parachuting is quite an experience.experiment ★n 实验;实验;做试验 She admitted she had experimented with cocaine.explain ★v 解释;说明 Wait! I can explain everything.express ★v 表达;表现 Express three-quarters as a decimal.extra ★a. 分外的,外加的 Allow extra time for your journey.eye ★n 眼睛 Emily opened her eyes.face ★n & v 脸;面临 What's the long face for?fact ★n 事实;实际 I know for a fact that she earns more than I do.factory n 工厂;署理店 The factory had been set ablaze.fail ★v 失败 The letter failed to arrive.fair a 公正的;展览会 The old law wasn't fair to women.fall ★(fell, fallen) v 落下;倒下 He fell into despair.family ★n 家庭;家人 The family now live in London.famous ★a 著名的;着名的 The Eiffel Tower is a famous landmark.fan n 风扇 Fan the cards out, then pick one.fantastic 极好的,了不起的 That's fantastic news!far ★a. 远(比力级farther, 最高级farthest 或 further,furthest) ad.远(比力级farther, 最高级farthest 或 further,furthest) That's far too much to pay.farm ★n 农场;农庄 Joe had worked on the farm all his life.farmer ★n 农民;农场主 You need to get permission from the farmer who owns the land.fast ★a & ad 快的;快速地 Muslims fast during Ramadan.fat a 肥胖;脂肪 Cream has a high fat content.father ★n 父亲;祖先 Ask your father to help you.favourite (Am favorite) a & n 特别喜爱 You always were Dad's favourite.fear ★n 恐惧;担忧 There's no fear of revolt now.February n 二月 We can do it in February.feed (fed, fed) v 喂养;喂 Prejudice feeds on ignorance.feel ★(felt, felt) v 感应;感受 I felt myself blushing.feeling ★n 情感;情感 He's considerate of other people's feelings.festival n 节日;欢庆 Christmas is one of the main festivals in the Christian Calendar.fetch v 取来;带来 Fetch me some coffee while you're up.fever n 发烧;发烧 Andy has a fever and won't be coming into work today.few ★pron & a 少少;很少 He looks as if he's had a few!field ★n 领域;田野 The Ecology Party fielded 109 candidates.fifth num 第五;五分之一 They'd made her feel like a fifth wheel.fifty num 五十 Standards of living rose in the fifties.fight ★(fought, fought ) v & n 战斗;打架 We left them to fight it out.fill ★v 装满;充满 He filled up on pecan pie.film ★n 影戏;胶卷 Have you seen any good films recently?final ★a 最后;最后 The judge's decision is final.finally ★ad. 最后 Finally, Karpov cracked under the pressure.find ★(found, found) v 找;发现 He found he was shivering.fine ★a 好的;晴朗的;康健的 I feel fine, really.finger n 手指 She fingered the beautiful cloth.finish ★v 完成;竣事 I'll just finish my coffee.fire ★n 火 Turn on the fire, I'm cold.first ★num, a & ad 第一;首先 We're leaving first thing.fish ★n 鱼 The lake is well stocked with fish.fisherman n 渔夫;渔民 One fisherman waxed lyrical about the variety of fish in the river.fit ★a & v 适宜;适合 The dress was a perfect fit.five ★num 五 Do you have two fives for a ten?fix ★v 修理;安装;准备 That's put us in a fix.flag n 旗 The flag went down, and the race began.flat ★n 平;套间;单元住宅 He lay flat on the floor.flight ★n. 航班 n.楼梯的一段 She fell down a whole flight of stairs.floor ★n 地板;层 The chairman then took the floor.flower ★n 花 Roses start to come into flower in June.flu n 流感;附录 Steven's still in bed with flu.fly ★n. 苍蝇;航行 v.(鸟、飞机)飞;(人乘飞机)航行;(旗子等)飘动 vt.空运(搭客,货物等);放(鹞子、飞机模型等) He quickly did up his fly.follow ★v 追随 You go ahead - I'll follow on later.food ★n 食品;食物 I love Italian food, especially pasta.foot ★(pl. feet) n 脚;英尺 All Paris was at his feet.football ★n 足球 Which football team do you support?for ★prep 为…… I set off for work.force ★v 迫使;气力 Both her sons are in the forces.foreign ★a 对外的;对外的 Can you speak any foreign languages?foreigner n 外国人;生疏人 Some of the local people are suspicious of foreigners.forest n 森林 Much of Scandinavia is covered in dense forest.forget ★(forgot, forgot) v 忘记 Forget him, he's not worth it.fork n 餐叉;叉 Fork left at the bottom of the hill.form ★n 表格;方式;形成 The female form is a thing of beauty.forty num 四十 The temperature was up in the high forties.forward ★ad 往后;向前 The clocks go forward this weekend.four ★num 四 They arrived just after four.fourteen num 十四 I'm planning to leave on the fourteenth.fourth num 第四 After the fourth attack on her car she was convinced that the vandalism was more than just coincidence.fox n 狐狸 We were foxed by the problem.free ★a 自由;空闲的 I'm free next weekend.freeze (froze, frozen) v 结冰 The lake has frozen over.fresh a 新鲜的;鲜嫩的 We need some fresh ideas.Friday ★n 星期五 We got married on a Friday.fridge (=refrigerator) n 电冰箱 There's some cheese in the fridge and that's about it.friend ★n 朋侪 Is this man a friend of yours?friendly ★a 友好的 Why is he suddenly so friendly towards you, Charlotte?friendship ★n 友谊;友好 The friendship between father and youth deepened.frighten ★vt. 使恐慌,吓唬 Computers used to frighten me, but not now.frog n 青蛙 The thought of dissecting a frog disgusts me.from ★prep 从…… I got the idea from Colin.front ★a & n 前面的;正面 Hurry up! The taxi is out front.fruit ★n 水果;结果 I'm looking forward to retirement and having time to enjoy the fruits of my labour.full ★a 满的;饱的 The train was completely full.fun ★n 欢喜;兴趣 Snowboarding - that sounds like fun.funny a 可笑的;滑稽可笑 What's that funny smell?furniture n 家具 I can't think of a single piece of furniture in my house that I bought new.内容计划:待满足“圈子功效与专栏功效”时,图说英语原创图文与短视频陆续对外开放。